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  • Motorway laws have changed! Why motorway lessons are now a must

Motorway laws have changed! Why motorway lessons are now a must


    The network of motorways which stretch across the UK are vital for getting around the country quickly. They are busy places though which need the right focus and skills to navigate correctly. This is even more critical when you take into account the recent changes to motorway driving laws. It, therefore, makes perfect sense to take specific motorway driving lessons to help give you the skills needed to drive safely on them and also be aware of the new laws which have come into effect.

    Swindon Motorway

    Ignore warning signs at your peril!

    The latest changes are related to smart motorways and the lane warning signs they use to communicate with drivers. Rule 258 of the Highway Code now says that you must not continue in a motorway lane which has a red X symbol showing on signage fixed to overhead gantries or by the side of the road.

    You should instead safely move to another lane and not move back until you see another warning sign which informs you the lane is now open again. This will usually be the word 'End' on the warning sign rather than a red X or information about the lane's new speed limit. Drivers now should also watch out for red flashing lights on warning signals on smart motorways. If this happens and a lane closed sign is showing as well, you must not proceed past the warning signal in any lane on the motorway.

    What is the penalty for not complying?

    In an effort to ensure drivers do pay attention to the warning signals on smart motorways, a £100 fine has been introduced for those who fail to do so. If you ignore a red X signal and carry on in that lane, then you risk been fined for this amount.

    Motorway lessons with Julie Murphy's Driving School

    Whether you are just learning to drive or need expert help to get up to speed with these new laws, Julie Murphy's Driving School can help. Our motorway driving lessons will not only keep you on the right side of the law but also give you the confidence needed to drive safely on motorways.