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Motorway Driving Lessons

Why have a motorway driving lesson?

Motorway driving isn't currently part of the practical driving test and therefore when you have passed your test you can drive on them without having had any experience. This can seem very daunting when motorways are generally very busy. Motorway lessons are invaluable ensuring you have all the knowledge to be safe. Your instructor will be there to support you and advise you on how to be able to use them correctly and to gain some experience under guidance so that when you experience them on your own you can do so with confidence.

Motorway Driving Lesson

Motorway driving lessons cover these main areas:-

  1. Proper use of the slip road to enter the motorway
  2. Determining correct use of speed
  3. Planning at higher speed
  4. Changing lanes to overtake/pull back in
  5. Planning your journey
  6. Dealing with breakdown
  7. Recap on road markings and signs
  8. Exiting the motorway correctly and safely

How to book

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