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  • Should You Learn to Drive a Manual or Automatic Car?

Should You Learn to Drive a Manual or Automatic Car?


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    If you are about to join a driving school, you might be at a dilemma whether to learn to drive manual or automatic. In the auto world, the debate of automatic versus manual never ends. Those for automatic transmission argue that it is easier to drive an automatic car, while those for manual transmission claim driving an automatic car is not "real" driving.

    The only indisputable fact is that manual and automatic transmission deliver different driving experiences. So, read on to find which one you should learn.

    The difference between manual and automatic transmission

    The transmission uses gears to create a force that enables your car to move and determines how fast the vehicle can move. In a manual car, you get to choose the right gear. If you get the gear wrong, there is a high chance your car will stall, and every driver behind will curse.

    An automatic transmission, as the name suggests, chooses the right gear for you.

    Automatic driving is easier to learn

    In an automatic car, all you have to do for the vehicle to move is to select the drive mode and press the accelerator and brake pedals accordingly. Letter D represents drive, R, represent reverse, P is for parking, and N is for neutral.

    However, for manual transmissions, you have to select the right gear between 1 and 6 and R, for reverse. Changing the gear does not just involve moving the gear stick – in manual cars you have to use the clutch to change gears.

    Manual driving offers you more control

    You learn when to move down a gear or up a gear and why. For instance, in steep terrain, you will know you need to go down a gear because the car will gradually lose power in the higher gears.

    Manually shifting up or down provides more control of your car, which you might need in bad weather, and when driving off-road.

    Moreover, manual cars are cheaper, because they use less expensive tech.

    So, should you learn to drive manual or automatic?

    Both transmissions have their advantages – auto is easier to drive while manual gives you more control of your car. However,when learning to drive, manual has a considerable advantage over auto. If you pass a driving test in a manual car, your license will cover both. But, if you pass the driving test in an automatic car, you are only allowed to drive automatic vehicles. It is also worth taking in to account that automatic cars are more expensive to buy, maintain and run, and lessons will usually be more expensive than manual lessons.

    Whichever you decide to learn, you need to enrol in a driving school. If you are in the Swindon, Wiltshire and surrounding areas, consider Julie Murphy’s Driving School. We have over 25 years of experience and provide high quality and affordable manual and automatic driving lessons.