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Failed Test Recovery Courses

Failed test recovery course – based on two people sharing instruction in Swindon.

Have you recently taken a car practical driving test and failed. Generally it is one of the following reasons.

  1. Nerves/confidence
  2. A crucial element missing from training or understanding of a subject
  3. Lack of training before going for test

At Julie Murphy's Driving School based in Swindon we have designed a course for those that have taken a test and failed and just require a few additional hours to deal with the issues identified. Please note if it is due to point 3 above i.e. lack of training they need to be very close to test standard i.e. only needing a couple more hours in order for it to be possible to ensure the pupil is ready for the test. If there is any doubt then an assessment lesson will determine this and will be charged at the current hourly rate.

This course is not designed for a complete beginner or someone with limited experience as time behind the wheel is invaluable and we only train our pupils to a high standard and be safe on the roads.

As well as being massively disappointed at failing a test there is always the financial cost implications to more training and cost of taking the test again. This course gives you 10 hrs of instruction, 5 hours driving yourself and the other 5 hours of verbal instruction in the car whilst watching your buddy pupil. This course offers a very cheap rate of £17 per hour each, total cost of course £170 (excluding test fee which is £62 for Mon-Fri) and is generally run over two days with the test at the end of it, although there is flexibility on how it can be run.

What the course covers

Provides 10 hrs shared tuition with one other pupil in the car who is in the same situation as you. Subjects covered will focus on weakness areas and be relevant to the pupil sat in the driver’s seat at that time.

How it works

All pupils need to have passed their theory within the last two years at time of taking the test.

They need to provide their last test failure sheet demonstrating they didn't fail miserably.

They need to agree to be picked up from one central pick up point which will be advised by the school which will be a suitable mid-point from where both pupils live.

The observing pupil needs to agree to sit in the back of the car quietly whilst they watch the other pupil being instructed and gain further knowledge themselves when they are not driving themselves.

To book the course

In order to book a course full payment is required to secure your place at time of booking and this must include the cost of the test.

Course dates will be dependent on test slots and buddying up with another pupil organised by the school.

To check whether there is availability, please contact us.

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