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Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency

The primary aim of the Driving and Vehicle Standards agency is to promote road safety in Great Britain by improving driving standards. They set the standards for theory and practical driving tests. They are the only organisation authorised to test learner drivers and motorcyclists.

  • provide fair tests to the same standard nationwide, in an acceptable timescale
  • provide a national network of suitably equipped centres in convenient locations
  • run an efficient, user-friendly service to book tests
  • tell you your test results promptly
  • deal with complaints fairly and efficiently
  • provide value for money
  • work closely with business and trade associations to improve services to the public.

As a Trading Fund, they are required to cover their costs from the driving test fee. Examiners do not have a set number of people they will pass or fail. If you achieve the standard needed, you will pass your test.

Service standards

DVSA publishes service standards for

  • national average maximum waiting times for practical tests
  • postal and telephone application handling
  • keeping test appointments and issuing results of tests
  • fairness of practical driving tests
  • correspondence handling
  • customer satisfaction with the overall level of service provided.

Full details of their service standards, their policy for refunding out of pocket expenses, the complaints procedure and how to contact them are contained in their leaflets.

These are available at test centres and DVSA area offices.

Links to DVSA

Learning to drive

Information for learner drivers and riders, and newly qualified drivers and riders.

Booking and managing a theory test

Book a theory:

Check, change or cancel a theory test:

Booking and managing a practical test

Book a theory:

Check, change or cancel a theory test:

Find your nearest

DVSA’s range of ‘find your nearest’ services includes your nearest theory and practical test centres, and test routes:

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