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Under 17 Driving Lessons


Castle Combe – Startline Courses

'Castle Combe's Startline programme remains the very best way of preparing the drivers of tomorrow, today, and the circuit has just announced its 2018 calendar'

There's no getting around the fact that the UK's roads have never been busier or more stressful to negotiate safely, which in turn means that there's more and more pressure placed upon those currently working to pass both their theory and practical tests – the drivers of tomorrow! With this in mind (and only too aware of its responsibility to promote safe motoring from the next generation of learner drivers), Castle Combe has announced its 2018 Startline programme, a trio of courses run during Sunday’s and half-terms, designed to give under-17s (those 12 years or above) the best possible start to their driving careers, all in the safe and secure surroundings of the South West's foremost motoring venue.

Details of the 3 courses available can be found below, all run by Julie Murphy's Driving School, a local firm with exhaustive experience in the field and a much-envied reputation and pass rate. It means that you, your son or daughter will be in safe hands, no matter their level of confidence or indeed experience. The circuit also offers garage sessions where students can practice theory questions, complete accurate show me, tell me questions on a course car, and even try on a set of 'beer googles' to see how dangerous driving under the influence actually is.

Starter Drive

The ideal place to begin your driving career in the safest of hands, the Startline Starter Drive programme consists of a 35 minute driving experience designed for those who've never been behind the wheel before. The course itself consists of a one-to-one introduction to driving and the track and infield setup to mimic a real world driving scenario, complete with roundabouts, lanes and stop signs. There will also be the opportunity to drive on the circuit, while the certificate presentation ceremony will take place on the Castle Combe podium!

Advanced Drive

A 60 minute one to one course that’s ideal for those either taking their first session behind the wheel or seeking to graduate from the Starter programme. Advanced Drive sessions see students tackling an array of common scenarios, including reversing and parking, as well as correct roundabout technique, dealing with traffic lights and appropriate speeds in different speed limits amongst how to deal with common signage. The course itself provides ample time for students of all ages an opportunity to really feel at home behind the wheel.

Advanced Plus

The ultimate driving experience for under 17s and the ideal proving ground for those seeking to graduate from the Advanced Drive course. Consisting of a one-to-one lesson on the iconic Castle Combe circuit, the course gives students the opportunity to learn as they would in a 'regular' driving lesson/test, so there really is no better way of preparing for the real deal. The 1 hour 10 minute one to one driving session includes mileage on the track covering common maneuvers, driving requirements and much, much more. The course ends with a comprehensive debrief session consisting of detailed analysis from an instructor, as well as a certificate presentation.

2018 Startline Course Calendar

13th Feb

18th March

3rd April

29th May

8th July

22nd Aug

30th Sep

30th Oct

25th Nov

Startline Starter Drive – Drive Time – 35mins, £55

Startline Advanced Drive – Drive Time – 60mins, £95

Startline Advanced Plus – Drive Time – 70mins, £115

3 Course Bundle – Drive Time – 165mins, £225 – SAVE £40!