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Knowing the Highway Code


    UK Highway Code

    The Highway Code is essential reading when you're learning to drive. These are the rules and recommendations that make our roads safe, as well as protect pedestrians. You will need to follow the Highway Code in order to be a safe driver. But, before that, you'll need to know the Highway Code for your theory test.

    What does the Highway Code cover?

    The Highway Code contains rules for all road users, from pedestrians and people on mobility scooters to cars, lorries, cyclists and even horse-drawn carriages.

    Rules cover a variety of topics from how to deal with junctions and roundabouts, to speed limits and stopping distances. The Highway Code also covers issues like smoking behind the wheel, using your mobile phone, understanding road markings and safely transporting children. It's the ultimate guide to using the road.

    How can you learn the Highway Code?

    Your first look at the Highway Code might leave you a little overwhelmed. As you might expect, it's a very big rule book to work through. And, before you drive, you'll need to know exactly what's included.

    There are so many ways to learn the Highway Code. Find the way that best suits your learning style.

    You can review the Highway Code on GOV.UK if you work best with simple plain text.

    Alternatively, consider a Highway Code book or computer software.

    Once you're getting to grips with the Highway Code, you can start to take practice theory tests. These will test your knowledge and highlight any weak points before you spend your money on the real thing. There are many websites offering mock driving theory tests - just make sure you're using UK sources!

    Think you know the Highway Code?

    The Highway Code changes. As a driver, you'll need to keep up with any Highway Code revisions. Don't assume that old information is still up to date.

    If you know the Highway Code, you're less of a risk on the road. You'll also protect yourself from any risk of unintentionally breaking the law. For driving, the theory is just as important as the practice.

    With Julie Murphy’s Driving School, you can have access to our theory test practice module, which includes an online version of the highway code - and it’s free! Sign up here, or contact us today for more information.