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  • Common Reasons People Fail Their Practical Driving Test

Common Reasons People Fail Their Practical Driving Test


So you’ve worked hard, studied the Highway Code, taken months of lessons, passed the Theory Test and the day is finally here. Practical Driving Test day.

Only 49% of people pass their driving test first time, so there is a high chance you will need to retake.

However, forewarned is forearmed.

Practical Driving Test

Knowing why people fail their practical test will help you to work towards being one of the 49%.

Nerves obviously factor quite highly in why people fail. You are nervous, you are with someone you don’t know and there is that mental aspect of “it’s a test.”

Junctions can also be a major cause of failure. There is a lot to take in – cars coming from all directions, potentially there are pedestrians nipping across the road and visibility may be poor. Drivers often fail as they are not looking in the direction of travel as they pull out and instead are looking in a mirror or at the road in the opposite direction.

Reverse parking can also be a sticking point. It can be a difficult manoeuvre and, with the added stress of a test environment, can cause problems. Practice this over and over in lessons and on test day take it slowly.

Speed limits, road signs and traffic lights can catch out a learner driver on their test, so pay close attention and always react in plenty of time.

It is always important during a driving test to make it clear you are using your mirrors, indicators and road positioning to let other drivers know what you intend to do. These things – which will become second nature – can be a cause of failure.

If you have failed your test, or have not yet taken one, why not give Julie Murphy’s Driving School a call or visit our Practical Driving Test Advice page and we can get you on the road to success.

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