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  • Common reasons people fail the practical driving test

Common reasons people fail the practical driving test


    Passing your driving test has become a right of passage for many people. With a promise of independence, learning to drive is an important journey leading up to the final hurdle: the practical driving test.

    Having the right attitude

    Different people take their tests in different ways. Some people go in confident, some people go in convinced they have failed. It’s important to be in the right frame of mind before undertaking your test. Going in too cocky can result in a lack of concentration and ultimately could see you fail. In the same way, going in too nervous and convinced you’ve not passed before you’ve even left the test centre is equally as damaging. It’s always good to go in with a practical mindset. Accept that it’s not the end of the world if you don’t pass - instead, be set on doing everything you can to pass. Paying attention and thinking things through is key. It’s always a good idea to talk through your concerns with your driving instructor as they can address them during your last lessons.

    Not enough lessons

    Taking your test before you are ready is never a good idea. Always make sure you and your instructor agree you are ready before booking your test. Taking it too early can not only result in a fail but could be detrimental to your confidence going forward, especially when you come to retake your test. It’s important that you are safe and ready to be a driver on the roads by yourself.

    Getting into bad habits outside of lessons

    It’s great if you are getting extra practice outside of your lessons. It can help you pass quicker and help you to be a more careful and confident driver through active experience. The downside is if you fall into bad habits whilst under the instruction of someone who isn’t qualified. Common bad habits are crossing your arms while steering, riding your clutch and generally not paying attention. Left uncorrected, they will contribute to you ultimately failing your test.

    Not having the right driving instructor

    Always make sure you hire a qualified and experienced driving instructor. Sadly, there are some people out there who will simply take your money and prolong your learning to line their pockets. Their teaching is unlikely to be helpful and if you do manage to take your test, you may find out the hard way that you haven’t learnt the skills you need. Make sure to do detailed research on your potential instructor before committing to learning with them and you can’t go wrong.

    There are many factors that could contribute to you failing your test, but Julie Murphy's Driving School aims to make sure that you pass with flying colours. We are fully qualified and have years of experience, so contact us to find out how we can help get you on the road.