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  • 10 tips for your practical driving test

10 tips for your practical driving test


    One of the tests that you must pass if you are to be allowed to legally drive on UK roads is the practical test. Of course, it can be an experience that many do not look forward to and find a bit daunting. The simple truth though is that there is nothing to worry about if you are well prepared for it. To make it a bit easier, we look at 10 of the best tips to ace your practical test below.

    1. Don't panic!

    Many people go to pieces when they take their practical test and underperform. Try to stay calm and remember that you have all the skills needed to pass.

    2. Get enough rest

    Head up to bed in enough time the night before to get at least 8 hours sleep in. This will make you feel alert and refreshed for the test.

    3. Try a mock test

    A mock practical driving test with your instructor will help you practise what will happen on the day and be more ready for it.

    4. Eat on the day of the test

    Remember to eat on the day of the practical as you will need the energy food gives you to perform well and be mentally switched on.

    5. Use the car you learn in

    Another great tip is to simply take your test in the car you have been learning in as you will be more familiar with it.

    6. Listen carefully to instructions

    It can be easy to not listen properly to what you are asked to do when sitting your practical. Make sure you pay attention to the tester as well as your driving.

    7. Be prepared for all conditions

    Make sure you have driving lessons in different weather conditions so heavy rain or wind or does not throw you on the big day.

    8. Don't be late!

    You should leave enough time on the day to get to the test centre so you are not rushing or late.

    9. Don't be afraid to ask for repeat instructions

    Remember that it is fine to ask the tester to repeat their instructions if you did not hear or understand what they said.

    10. Have a lesson before the practical

    Fitting a lesson in on the day of your practical test will get you warmed up and can give you a chance to fit some vital last-minute practice in.

    Make sure you get the right driving instructor

    Of course, before you can even think about giving your practical test a go, you need to have acquired the right driving skills first. This makes choosing a professional driving school with proven results a must. Here at Julie Murphy's Driving School, we have helped many people, not only in Swindon but Chippenham, Calne and the surrounding towns and villages, get through their practical test. Contact us for more information.